For a few weeks I’ve been wondering about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and just how she emerged as a politico. Her path to Washington is shocking, at the very least. My first question was: What were her campaign positions BEFORE she became a national figure?


So I went to her campaign website and took that web address and looked through the internet archive. When I went back to 2017, it was not her website, it belonged to the group "Brand New Congress."

Here's what the web address looks like now:

Here's what the same web address looked like in late 2017:

What's “Brand New Congress?” BNC is a group of Bernie Sanders staffers who got together, decided to make the 2018 midterms all about Bernie policies by taking his ideas & finding 400 Bernie carbon copies to dump into Congressional & other races, creating a 400 headed Bernie.

Watch Rachel Maddow explain and discuss with the co-founder of Brand New Congress, Saikat Chakrabarti.

I know, I know, Rachel Maddow. But if you want to learn about the left, you have to actually watch and listen to them.

The idea is that BNC will select candidates that must sign onto the Bernie Sanders plan and “bi partisan issues” such as:
Income Inequality, Climate Change, Mass Incarceration, Get money out of politics.

Keep Income Inequality & geting $ out of politics in mind for later.

Here’s the official current policy page that ALL of their candidates have signed onto:

Fixing the Economy, Medicare for All, Tax Reform, Foreign Policy, Women’s Rights, CJ Reform, Voting Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Immigration Reform, ...

... Environmental & Renewable Energy, Getting $ out of Politics, Veterans Rights, Education, Racial Justice, Online Freedom.

They obviously take the far far left approach on every issue.

If you follow the bouncing ball, Saikat Chakrabarti- the BNC guy talking with Maddow- also is an Exec Director of an affiliated organization, “Justice Democrats.” The Justice Democrats PAC and the Brand New Congress organization are essentially inseparable.


“Justice Democrats” is a PAC co-founded by Cenk Uygur, the far lefty that used to be on MSNBC and eventually started a Youtube blog called TYT (The Young Turks). Yeah, this guy-->

That’s right. The person behind the curtain that put Alexandria Osasio-Cortez into that national spotlight is Cenk Uygur.

Here’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking to The Young Turks & Cent Uygur about how Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats pursued her to run for Congress. (10 minute mark)

The entire interview is amazing, from Cenk interviewing her and pretending he had nothing to do with her candidacy to her making a joke about being in a bar and the calling out for naked models over the microphone.

Notice Cenk laughing at the sexism.

So what’s going on with Cenk and Justice Democrats? In late 2017 he was forced out of his own organization. Apparently Cenk has a sexist streak in him and documented it in some older blog posts Joy Reid style.

This is the video details of all of it.

Here’s one of the posts:

I particularly like the part where he explains that when he wrote those posts, he was a different guy. He was a conservative.

Here’s another post: Cenk’s rules of dating.

I’m not providing a screen print. I have a daughter. Look for yourself. If you want to screen print it and post it, feel free. I’m not doing it. Its vile.

Here’s another lovely post about Cenk and The Young Turks Sr. VP David Koller stopping at a gas station and meeting 14-16 year old “whores in training.”

But Cenk’s a changed man now. He's not a sexist. He’s “woke.”

And don’t forget the chuckle in the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video about the naked models. See video link from post /13.

Yeah, he’s woke alright. He’s woke but he’s not broke. Let’s see how he feels about corporate money and politics.

His organization The Young Turks is partially funded by the Media Consortium, a Soros entity.

More about the Media Consortium and Soros:

But wait, there’s more.

A quick search on Cenk’s net worth put him in the $18-22m range after taking venture capital money. Yes. He took "vulture capital" money.

And his family life seems to be going pretty well now too. (Sorry. This is actually a pretty cheap shot on my part. I can't help myself.)

So there you have it. In a nutshell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s political career was spawned by Cenk Uygur, who’s history is sexism & venture capital money, in an attempt to put 400 Bernie Sanders carbon copies into our political system and move the Dems far far left.

Addendum issues
More Addendum issues

Frank Llewellyn plays a key role in the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign.
See photos. He's the highest paid on her payroll.

Frank Llewelly is also the former head of the DSA: Democratic Socialists of America. Here he is talking on CSpan in 1999.

Key bullet points from CSpan video:
-Human rights over property rights
-Limits on markets
-Public control of economy
-Rejection of private profit
-Socialism has not been tried
-Ban strike breakers
-Plenty of wealth available for socialist programs
-Slash Def spending by 50%

-Prefers "living wage" not "min wage"
-Loves unions
-Change Soc Sec: lower earners do not contribute, higher earners contrib more
-Regulate behavior of corporations (this is pre-carbon tax concept)
-Single payer is cheaper
-Wealth, income, power not distributed evenly

In 2009 he was interviewed by @glennbeck
See photo for a great exchange. Its a silly exchange but Beck gets him to make an awesome admission- Beck would have to advertise in Dem Socialism magazine against his will because its "your turn". Wuuuut?


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