Things that stop you from moving on:

A thread.

·You avoid working through your real feelings. You have no idea if you love them or despise them.

·You're seeking ways to stop loving them, not understanding that love must flow in and out — not towards them but towards you — in order to reach a peaceful conclusion.
·You don't have boundaries nor a code of conduct you're willing to respect when it comes to break-ups.

·You never wrote down what's the best approach for you when ending relationships: is checking their social media acceptable? The rules are for you to follow, not for them.
·You indulge in wishful thinking. You romanticize the bond you two had, you over-idealize them and only remember the good times. You're an optimistic person, you say.

·You stubbornly believe in the concept of "The one".

·You refuse to acknowledge how you two didn't fully align.
·You reinforce your fantasies for a connection with them by obsessively researching topics like: soul mates, twin flames, karmic relationships.

·You abuse spiritual tools like tarot. You overindulge in astrology birth charts.

·You forget that obsessing leads to emotional chaos.
·You're not used to loving someone from afar. Being full of love for one who is not present doesn't seem practical.

·You're not redirecting your attention toward you. You're physically apart, but emotionally you're not moving on. The love you had for them has nowhere else to go.
·You don't know how to lovingly and spiritually break ties. This often comes from thinking people are "ours" to keep.

·You think a breakup must have a perfect closure, you're waiting for that firm conclusion.

·You fail to see that closure is something you can offer to yourself.
·You don't accept that everyone grieves differently. You monitor how your ex is moving on.

·You don't have a support system. You gave all your love and attention to this person, you never balanced maintaining tight bonds with friends while being in a romantic relationship.
·You're bored when alone. You lost sight of your passion and purpose.

·You don't have platonic friendships with other people you love very much. You've always developed romantic relationships with people who made you feel excited.
·You neglect your health. It never crossed your mind that the first step following a break-up is to maintain healthy habits: eat well, exercise regularly and sleep enough.

·You think moving on is an "inside job" therefore you isolate yourself.
·You procrastinate on journaling and exploring your thoughts. There's no outlet for your feelings other than venting to friends.

·You try to maintain a friendship instead of taking a real break with no contact. You "check-in" and make sure to still highlight important occasions.
·You believe there's a shortcut or that you can spiritually bypass pain. This comes from not having a good relationship with unpleasant emotions.

·You reach out to this person every time something major happens in your life. You're not used to being happy without them, nor sad.
But most importantly,

·You hold on to the connection you two had and toss away all the wisdom and new knowledge about yourself that the break-up is offering to you.

·You associate break-ups with sadness and pain. You forget that endings provide the space for new beginnings.

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