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GSFC Some Facts -
1- Its a Government company with mcap of around 5000cr
2-Its having Debt of only 35 Cr with Deposit of 1000 Cr
3-Its investment value
GNFC -almost 3 cr shares X437=1300 cr
Guj Ind power 2.23crX 85=189 Cr
GACL 16 lacX = 107 cr

Guj corp 9 lacX6.8=63 lac
Gujarat Gas 4.7 CrX=2968 cr
Bandhan Bank 11.35X284 =32 cr
IDBI 5.5 lacX 44= 2.4 cr
MCFL 5.8 lac X 76= 4.4 cr
Total value of investment =4700 Cr

Production capacity of Its plant for Various products + Methanol plant plus Melamine plants

Major Raw Material
Rock phosphate
Phosphoric acid

1-ammonium sulphate 4th plant of 400 metric tonnes capacity - Revenue estimated 230 Cr
2- sulphuric acid, fifth plant. 600 metric tonnes per day for captive consumption.
#GSFC -164.50

Towards objective...