Thread: One of the things demons and fallen spirit beings want to do is replicate their torment in your marriage and family. Part of that strategy is to encourage us to treat each other with the same savagery they treat each other, since they have no capacity for love or...

compassion, even for their fellow fallen spirit beings. Even when a demon helps another demon it is only in self interest, never loyalty or love. This is what they hope to do in your family and marriage. Marriage is the foundation of culture. If you can destroy marriage, you can
destroy culture. If they can destroy the relationship between husband and wife, they can destroy the spiritual formation of the children. Demons are keenly aware of the social structure put in place by God and where to launch their attacks against it.
Marriage is properly defined as a solemn contract in which a man and a woman confer bodily rights, among other things, for the sake of procreation. This is strictly a formal theological definition of marriage. Marriage is solemn because it is formalized in public, and witnessed..
by a minister of the church. It is a contract because there is a conferral of bodily and other rights. Now some might ask, isn't marriage a covenant? Yes and no, depending on how you define the word. If we define a covenant as a solemn contract, then yes. In any valid contract,..
justice is a central feature. If I'm contracted to replace someone's roof, and I fail to do so, then I'm in violation of the justice of that contract. There is an agreement; you fix the roof, I pay you a predetermined amount. So in the solemn contract of marriage both parties..
have bodily rights over each other. Marriage is also a natural contract that God instituted possessing a sacramental character, that binds each spouse gravely. This means if you fail to uphold your end of the contract, you commit sin with full knowledge of the gravity of that...
failure. Demons will do everything they can to get you to violate your solemn contract, and if they can't get you to do so objectively, they'll get you to do so subjectively, since they know it is a direct offense to God, who is really the ultimate target of their hate. Very...
specific types of attacks are used against marriage by demons to destroy it, and no matter how close you and your spouse may be, every marriage will struggle with demonic attack at some point. Why? The answer is found in the Genesis account of the Fall of Man. One of the core...
problems experienced as a result of the Fall is that the specific gender roles of men and women were impacted negatively. The Fall affected Adam and Eve in different and specific ways.
While both Adam and Eve shared in the general effects of the Fall-sickness, old age, death, inherited depravity, and separation from God-they both also suffered specific and unique effects as well, as is seen in these verses from Genesis. Adam, and by extension all men,...
would have to work hard to produce what is necessary to sustain life. Eve, and by extension all women, would experience pain in childbirth and be “ruled” by her husband. These specifics are important since they indicate the sin by the punishment. That is, because Adam and Eve...
violated their created order, that is, their specific gender roles, those very gender roles were now imposed with sufferings. They allowed the serpent to initiate a subversion of the proper roles of male and female with regard to the social order. Demons use these effects against
husbands and wives. And this is something we must be aware of with regard to spiritual warfare, and why it is so important for couples to have a knowledge of their Faith and of Scripture. The foundation of all strife within marriage is always based on one principle: That is,...
the first thing demons will do is divide couples internally, in their minds, by distorting their impressions of each other. They first separate them from each other psychologically, and then move from there to separate them physically.
Divorce is, then, the limited victory of demons over the created order and the result of our failure to recognize and resist their tactics.
The first thing demons will do is divide couples internally, in their minds, by distorting their impressions of each other. They first separate them from each other psychologically, and then move from there to separate them physically. So the first assault will always be on their
perceptions of their spouse, distorting them to the negative. Communication and perception are the first areas of attack by the demonic. Because we often fail to communicate as effectively as we should, the demon is able to twist our intended meaning in the
imagination of our spouse. If the demon is able to work on the imagination of our spouse, such that our spouse begins to think we view them as a bother, as ignorant, or as attacking us in some other way, then we have allowed the first demonic foothold in our marriage. The first
strategy in spiritual warfare in your marriage is not to allow your perceptions to be manipulated and distorted. It means we have to learn the proper way to communicate, and give our partner the charity we would expect to receive when I simply think or feel they've said something
that truly hasn't been expressed or implied. This doesn't mean we ignore reasonable issues, since our spouses are given a grace whereby they can reveal our defects to us. It means we need to understand that there is a proper way and proper time to express
our needs, feelings, and concerns. It may seem strange to speak of communication as having strategic import in spiritual warfare, but it isn't really all that strange when you think carefully about it. If an army doesn't have clear communication, or the lines of communication are
broken by enemy combatants, then that army can easily fall prey to the enemies attacks and to internal struggles, having no greater insight in the overall battle plan. It is very much the same in your marriage. Don't allow the adversary to distort your communication, nor use
your imagination against your marriage. Your expressions, your choice of words, the tone of your voice, and the many non-verbal aspects of body language all impact communication with your spouse. The key components of your strategy, beyond being mindful of the aforementioned
things, absolutely requires you to show mutual respect, trust, consideration, forgiveness, and charity. Demons know the closer we are to someone, the less we tend to be protected internally and emotionally from them. Don't let the Adversary ruin that bond.

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So the cryptocurrency industry has basically two products, one which is relatively benign and doesn't have product market fit, and one which is malignant and does. The industry has a weird superposition of understanding this fact and (strategically?) not understanding it.

The benign product is sovereign programmable money, which is historically a niche interest of folks with a relatively clustered set of beliefs about the state, the literary merit of Snow Crash, and the utility of gold to the modern economy.

This product has narrow appeal and, accordingly, is worth about as much as everything else on a 486 sitting in someone's basement is worth.

The other product is investment scams, which have approximately the best product market fit of anything produced by humans. In no age, in no country, in no city, at no level of sophistication do people consistently say "Actually I would prefer not to get money for nothing."

This product needs the exchanges like they need oxygen, because the value of it is directly tied to having payment rails to move real currency into the ecosystem and some jurisdictional and regulatory legerdemain to stay one step ahead of the banhammer.