I do not have video of this. Some of my footage malfunctioned and the data was lost; but a second woman died (or came close). Some people said this happened to a man but I perceived a woman. She had on shredded (I think) jeans with red leggings underneath. It was a very...

intense situation that occurred after I saw several people get trampled, nearly avoiding that myself. She collapsed in the entryway to the capital building and was trampled. Compressions were preformed on her but I was unable to feel a carotid or femoral pulse. Several...
men carried her back to the police line. She was very cyanotic & bleeding from the face.

This happened within the entry hall and directly in front of the entrance to the Capital building in DC. I’m not seeing this reported or hearing that people are aware of it.
She collapsed in the entry way to the capital Building. I was filming at the edge of the entrance just outside the flow a large group of people pressing into & being pressed from behind into the hallway. A large man grabbed from behind, pushed me into the Frey and said,...
“you’re going in, get in there,” (I think). And I was fought in the mob and pressed into the entry hallway.

I managed to pull myself into a corner nook against the wall. Moments after, the police inside made a great push outward against the dozens of people pushing...
inward. Everyone became packed like sardines unable to move against the flow of bodies.

At this point, the police and citizens began unleashing a sea of spray mace from both sides. It was nearly impossible to breathe or keep from panicking. The man next to me passed...
out but remained standing due to how tightly we were packed. I slapped his face and he revived. About this time, the woman collapsed, the police overcame the crowd, and I began to see people being seriously trampled as people were fleeing.

The police approached...
me and were going to mace me and use physical force. I had nowhere to go. I told them that I was press filming the event, that I was a non combatant, and that I had been pressed into the hallway. They immediately left me alone and moved forward. A few moments later...
as I was surrounded by police, front and back, the entryway cleared and an officer directed me to exit then or to remain. I exited.

After this, I came across the woman laying unconscious, not breathing and the rest was mentioned above.

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Zojuist procesverbaal zittingen in deze verkrachtingszaak gekregen. Zeg, @HofDenBosch, jullie LIEGEN echt alles bij elkaar in deze zaak en hebben ook doelbewust uit stukken gelaten dat ik de Nederlandse overheid verantwoordelijk hield voor het ontstaan van deze tweede zaak! 1/ https://t.co/M5KfflDkFJ

Wat ik onder anderen gezegd heb ter zitting?

"Deze tweede zaak kon ALLEEN gebeuren omdat in de eerste zaak geweigerd werd getuigen te horen. Vervolgens is deze getuige mij gaan bedreigen en chanteren. Meerdere politiemeldingen, politie deed NIETS" 2/


"Uiteindelijk kon door het FALEN van de Nederlandse overheid deze getuige mij van mijn vrijheid beroven en heeft hij mij verkracht"

Dat laten jullie natuurlijk weer uit het procesverbaal @HofDenBosch!

Er is ook met geen woord gerept over een 'klacht over politieoptreden' betreffende deze tweede zaak, tijdens de zitting! De AG haalde de verkrachtingszaak uit het niets aan, niet een klacht over politieoptreden betreffende de tweede zaak!

Er was op dat moment nog niet eens aangifte gedaan in de tweede zaak, maar om de een of andere reden wist de AG al dat ik een intake gesprek had gehad! Ik heb de @politie gesproken (opgenomen gesprek), die begrepen OOK niet hoe de AG dat kon weten!

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