Gotta be honest, I’m incredibly uncomfortable with Micah having a leadership role at RHED. I’ll obv default to Black leadership on this, but I’m not gonna hold back on vocalizing how incredibly violating this feels to me as a survivor of sexual assault...

Wanna clarify that not trying to say that people can’t take accountability and change, just that having someone like that in an actual leadership position is incredibly invalidating, at least to me.
But I’m being told that he may not actually be involved in leadership? Which is concerning considering he was giving orders to people at RH today. And I feel like him deciding to go by a different name while there is sort of skirting accountability.
For transparency’s sake, I’m talking about Micah Rhodes, now going by the name Julian.
UPDATE: I’ve been assured he will have no leadership role. Apparently leadership has already had talks with him about taking charge, which he seems to not be receptive to. With that in mind, please be wary of Micah Rhodes/Julian/JuJu

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