I think Queen Elizabeth had a great sense of humour and she was a good sport. She proved this when she made her grand entrance to the London 2012 Olympics alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond.
This was absolutely magnificent.
#RIPQueenElizabeth #QueenElizabeth #JamesBond

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This is an index Thread to let you find my 'Path' Threads. These six Paths are the main areas of criminal investigation that will take Donald Trump to prison for Life or more (each). I do regular updates to the Paths. This is the link to my August updates to each

Path 1 of 6 is the Weisselberg Path. This is about Donald Trump financial crimes from 2004 to 2021. Allen Weisselberg just pleaded guilty to 15 counts of tax fraud & grand larceny. It is only the first of his 9 criminal trials to

Path 2 of 6 is the Giuliani path of his crime spree 2019-2021. Rudy has been attempting to flip against Trump and get a plea bargain, after FBI raided his office, home and took his 18 phones. Rudy is not getting a

Path 3 of 6 is the Matt Gaetz path. This does not expect to catch Trump in rape or sex crimes. But Matt Gaetz's convicion as serial teen rapist (from 2020) will get to Trump crimes in selling Presidential Pardons

Path 5 of 6 is Tom Barrack path with Trump crimes 2016-2017. Tom ran a series of foreign policy crimes including the extortion of Qatar. Tom's criminal court case starts in September. He got superceding indictments incl

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