Yagyopaveet ( wearing the sacred thread ) symbolises, in itself the realisation of the supreme truth behind the Gayatri Philosophy.

Gayatri mantra has 9 words, 3 Charans, 3 Vyahiritis and one Omkar so has the Yagyopaveet for it possesses 9 sutras, 3 threads, 3 knots and one supreme knot - the Brahma-Granthi . Since the Yagyopaveet lies over one's shoulders, chest, abdomen and back .
This signifies Divine control over shoulders, which undertake the heaviest responsibilities of life, over the heart which is supposed to be representing idealisms & emotions, over the abdomen where dwells the valour of a man and over the back, which represents alertness and
vigour . Thus, the influences that Gayatri excercises through Yagyopaveet on the total personality & endeavours of a man are never forgotten during entire life .

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