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I’ve asked Byers to clarify, but as I read this tweet, it seems that Bret Stephens included an unredacted use of the n-word in his column this week to make a point, and the column got spiked—maybe as a result?

Four times. The column used the n-word (in the context of a quote) four times.

For context: In 2019, a Times reporter was reprimanded for several incidents of racial insensitivity on a trip with high school students, including one in which he used the n-word in a discussion of racial slurs.

That incident became public late last month, and late last week, after 150 Times employees complained about how it had been handled, the reporter in question resigned.

In the course of all that, the Times' executive editor said that the paper does not "tolerate racist language regardless of intent.” This was the quote that Bret Stephens was pushing back against in his column. (Which, again, was deep-sixed by the paper.)
Specifically, it would raise the minimum wage to $9.50 on the day of passage, then by $1.50 one year later, increasing by $1.50 each year until it reached $15 in 2025.

One other detail that the NBC screenshots leave out: After 2025, this bill would index the minimum wage to median wages, raising it automatically every year.

Here's the full text of the bill.

The minimum wage bill introduced today would phase out the tipped minimum wage loophole, raising it by $2.50 a year until the tipped minimum wage reached parity with the regular minimum wage in 2025.

Similarly, it phases out the separate minimum wage for disabled workers on the same timetable.