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Workshop worth 5 LAKHS absolutely for FREE.

I've posted some amazing stuff about trading which in itself is a workshop.

Posting some of my best threads here.

1: Benefits of Option selling.

Why are most of the successful traders option sellers?

Writing down my reasons for choosing

2: How to use Technical Analysis to form a weekly view as an option

3: How to adjust a short

4: Top Trading books that make you a better
Hello and welcome to my profile.

This is a master thread of all the videos I've put up on my Youtube Channel.

I've shared plenty of learnings based on Option Strategies, Trading Psychology, Price action and other aspects of trading.

Will keep on updating this thread.

What is a Short strangle and how to do it the right way

Explained with live backtesting and

Banknifty Weekly option strategy with adjustments.

Explaining the best way to execute this strategy to make 1% profit a

Nifty weekly option strategy with adjustments. Explained every detail in

A safe strategy to play a bearish view with low risk, high reward

The right way to execute a bear put spread for maximum