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Dumb£dk@r wasn't like Pe£riyar?

He was an Anti-Hindu m0r0n just like Periy@r.

Yes it's true that he criticised K2@s but that doesn't make him any useful for Hindus.

His writings will remind you a lot of JNU Urban Naxals like Kanhaiya.

"Ancient Hindus had no sexual morals, brother cohabited with sister, son with mother, father with daughter... Men freely shared women & none had exclusive right over her... Prostitution flourished in the worst form...bestiality prevailed, done even by Rishis."
Riddles in Hinduism

This is what Shri Ram said in Kishkindha-Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana regarding such immoral relationships.

But how could Neela Katt@ppa not realize this?

Because he severely lacking analytical capabilities of Hindu texts.

"Hindu Gods were miserable cowards who had to hide behind their wives to save themselves from Asuras. How could these cowards give power to Shakti? Did the Brahmins invent the practice of worshipping of Goddesses to put a new commodity in the market?"

Riddles in Hinduism.