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"Mantras without Initiation"

Mantras are science. Different types of mantras exist based on different Rishi's and Yogi's works.Mantras had enormous efforts in place.Rishis performed intense Tapasyas through which they realized the existence of them.

Sanaskritam is a very tricky language. It has beautiful placement of words and one needs good wisdom to understand the origin of it's placement and Tatparya. Mantras are segregated into various categories based on it's usage in Aachara. There are several acharas like Vedic, Vama

Kaula, Vaishnava, Madhwa etc. Different mantras require different level of repetitions to attain Sidhis or say the ability to use the mantra for said cause / mostly Loka Kalyana for large cases. There are many controversies regarding chanting a mantra with or without Guru.

It is purely a human specific in Kali Yug to decide, BUT as per shastras a Guru is required for initiating a person into intense mantras. This is for the good of the seeker and guru gets nothing except the satisfaction of transferring his Tapoh shakti into the shishya.

Vedically Mantra has to be used in a prescribed way and it has 3 to five major components of usage

Components of a Mantra
1. Rishi - Who Worked
2. Chandas - How it is spelled
3. Devata - Whom do we pray
4. Beeja - What is the source syllable
5. Shakti Tattva - Which is the type
Tripundra Dhaaran - Paapa Vimukti

Our generations are fascinated about Tripundram being just a religious symbol. There are in depth meanings of such a Tilak on a Seeker's Forehead

The very first mistake is the way it is applied.

Tripund isn't applied with dry Bhasm, it should be made wet and then applied in a prescribed manner with proper use of fingers and direction of application. Bhasm is collected from various sources

The most important ones mentioned in upanishats are 1. Yagnya Kund Bhasm 2. Bhasm made from Cow's Dung alone. A special agnihotram was perform to save the Bhasma after that for Dhaarana. A major mantra while applying bhasm is Mrutyunjaya Mantra

Dwijas have a very long process of applying the Tripundram along with their Sandhyavandanam. For commoners there are some basic rules people have to follow while applying Bhasm

Bhasm Applied in Morning - Should be mixed with water and applied
Bhasm Applied during Afternoon - Should be mixed with Chandan and Applied
Bhasm Applied during and after Pradosh - Should be applied Dry as such
"Busy Life Daily Puja & Neivedyas"

People would always have several doubts on what to offer bhagwan in their daily puja. For some it will be a million dollar question of how to do an express puja yet a satisfying one.

Upachara - "उपचार"

Refers to the offerings and services made to Bhagwan as part of worship. In shastras there are a count of upachara pujas we do.

पांच उपचार पूजा - 5 Upacharas
षोडशोपचार पूजा - 16 "
चतुःषष्ट्युपचार पूजा - 64 "

Out of these panch is used for daily puja.

Some use 16 upachras who are well versed with the way of doing it Effortlessly and have abhishekam at home daily. 64 is exclusively for festivals and special vrat. One can choose to do 5 upacharas daily and finish your puja peacefully.

How to start your Puja ?

1. Shudhikaran & Aachaman
2. Bhootashudhi & Pranayam
3. Sankalp
4. Choice of Upachara Puja
5. Aarti
6. Pradakshina
7. Mantra Pushpam
8. Bhoomi Sashtanga/Panchanga Namaskaram

Major pujas steps one should ideally follow

Shudhikaran & Aachaman

After bath and dressing with (washed clothes only) should arrange their requirements for puja.
Take water separately for Aachaman and Puja. Water shouldn't be used from same paatra ideally. Perform Aachaman as per your practice & for beginners - YouTube
Identifying Purpose of Our Birth - Atmakaraka

A human should be questioning self "Who am I and Why am I here" The answer to this is not an easily achievable one. It needs great efforts in place to identify the purpose of our birth.

Elders say life is a boon actually when we identify the purpose of it. To identify it all we need is a Guru. Now guru doesn't mean he / She should be initially only a yogi on path. During this journey we have various people we meet and various types of Gurus in various forms.

The journey itself is a Guru., it teaches us alot. The answer to identifying purpose of our life is starting a sadhna / Tapasya in life to clear all the blockages and build a guided path moving towards it. All we need to do is start it.

To start this path you dont need a Guru initially. Once you start Guru comes to u as per Yuga dharma when you are ready to accept the knowledge and energies from him.

One should Identify their chara Atmakaraka( The moving Significator of the Soul ) in the birth chart. Atma means the soul and karaka means the significator if the Soul's desire in the current birth. Every soul is born with unfinished desires to be achieved.