67 Lessons on Marketing Strategy

Inspired by the conversation between @mkobach and @rachelmercer

Notes 👇

What is Strategy?

• Strategy is defining the problem you are trying to solve and the plan to get there
• Many people put strategy on the backburner
• Without strategy, it's hard to know if what you are doing is successful
What is Strategy? (Part 2)

• Strategy is like running
• You can't just start running
• You need to decide where you are going to run to and if you have the stamina to get there
What is Strategy? (Part 3)

• Strategy is the rock, pebbles, and sand in a jar story
• Is it the new shiny object (eg. TikTok) a rock?
• Or is it unnecessary and just taking up space you don't have?

What is Strategy (Part 4)

• Strategy is the foundation for which success can spring from
• The strategy is the GPS, the destination is tactics
• No right way to do strategy
Create Your First Strategy

• Discovery Phase: Figure out the lay of the land, what channels are we using, what are competitors doing?
• Audit: Where you are now and where you need to go
• Create from to statements (eg. silo to cohesive strategy)

• An organization construct to organize your thinking at any point in time
• Examples SWOT & Simon Sinek Why
• Brand, Purpose, Mission
Strategy and Tactics

• Strategy is the overarching plan
• Tactics are actions that support that plan
Strategy and Tactics (Part 2)

• Strategy Example: we are targeting 18-25 y/o that we are tech-savvy
• Tactic Example: we will do it on TikTok, create content and do podcast sponsorships
Strategy and Tactics (Part 3)

• Strategist: where it should live and why we need to create it
• Tactic: Creating the ideas and assets for the content
Strategy and Tactics (Part 3)

• Creating a strategy and executing on the tactics is like curling
• Strategy is launching the stone
• Tactics are sweeping it to the target
Social Media Strategy

• Social media is constantly changing
• Most brands are focused on engagement
• That is usually the wrong strategy b/c their messaging is inconsistent and not thematic
Social Media Strategy (Part 2)

• Social is cheaper historically
• It's easier to test because you can hyper-target and gelocate
• KPIs are immediate compared to traditional channels
Social Media Strategy (Part 3)

• Social media strategy is a way to achieve marketing strategy
• We are living digital-first lives (more people consume digital content than traditional content)
• It's a living strategy (eg. Covid-19 shifted strategy)
Social Media Strategy (Part 4)

• What are you trying to achieve?
• Someone should follow us because of X
• This dictates what channels to use
Internet Culture Affect Strategy

• Tailor to the culture of the industry and channels
• Industries are diff (eg. Spirits vs Financial Services)
• Channels are diff (eg. memes on TikTok are constantly changing)
Brand Authenticity

• Strategists are modern-day anthropologists
• Strategists bridge authenticity and culture
Organic Social

• It's possible to only do organic, but rare
• Don't use traditional metrics such as views to measure organic
• One example of a measurable ROI is perception of trust
Organic Social (Part 2)

• Organic typically needs to be supported by paid
@steak_umm is a brand that does very good organic
• They are the exception to the rule
Organic Social (Part 3)

• Brands need to wean off filing feed
• Content needs to drive or fuel conversations
• Content is best when it's consistent
Creative Strategy

• Misnomer of word
• Strategy and creative work together
• It's a parternship
Social Media Strategy vs. Marketing Strategy

• The two go hand in hand
• It's possible to have a social strategy without a marketing strategy, though not the norm
• Glossier is an example of a brand that was a social-first strategy
How Can You Be Better on Twitter?

• Follow @JuiceboxCA
• He added value to a niche network by curating social ads
• Have a unique POV
Why Do People Share Content?

• Strengthen bond with network
• Define myself (eg. collective identity)
• Status
What Do People Get Wrong About Strategy

• People don't view strategy as valuable
• They don't understand how it drives business results

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