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Building an audience on Twitter is hard.

But with the right tools you can go 10x faster.

5 simple threads that will teach you more about community building than any paid course:

1/ Who: @Nicolascole77

What: How to write things that reach the masses


2/ Who: @brandonthezhang

What: Content frameworks to 10x your

3/ Who: @OneGSisneros

What: Playbook to 20k

4/ Who: @JustinSaaS

What: Simple steps to make Twitter a massive
10 threads that will teach you more about business than any business degree:

1/ Who: @naval

What: Principles to wealth creation


2/ Who: @sweatystartup

What: Actions to wealth creation


3/ Who: @RomeenSheth

What: Early career

4/ Who: @heykahn

What: Career