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#ज्योतिष_विज्ञान #Medical_Astrology #चिकित्सीय_ज्योतिष
चिकित्सीय ज्योतिष के विषय मे बात करती हूँ तो अक्सर लोग हैरान हो जाते हैं कि कैसे बिना जांच के पूर्व में हुए/वर्तमान के/या भविष्य में होने वालें रोगों के विषय मे बिना जाँच के सटीक जानकारी सिर्फ जातक की कुंडली से निकल आती है।

हमें समझना होगा कि ज्योतिष गणनाओं पर आधारित एक विशुद्ध विज्ञान है। कुंडली की सटीकता/समय इत्यादि सही होने चाहिए तो व्यक्ति की शारीरिक संरचना से लेकर आंतरिक रोगों भी की कही जाती है।
दुःख ये है कि आजकल इस विद्या में जरूरत से ज्यादा प्रोफेशनल बनकर कुछ लोग इस विद्या को बदनाम करते हैं

बारह भावों, नव ग्रहों, नक्षत्रों, ग्रहों के अंश, भाव स्वामी, विभिन्न भावों उनकी उपस्थिति, दृष्टि संबंध, षोडशवर्ग, महादशा व अन्य दशाएँ इत्यादि और भी बहुत से तथ्यों पर गणना होती है। ज्योतिष के 12 भावों में अंगों की गणना कालपुरुष कुंडली कही जाती है।

आज कुंडली के भावों में कैसे शरीर के विभिन्न अंगों पर ज्योतिषीय आधार से हम रोग के विषय मे बताते हैं ये दिखाना चाहूंगी। ताकि ज्योतिष को अंधविस्वास न मान आप उसके वैज्ञानिक पहलुओं को समझ सकें।
आप लोगों की जिज्ञासा हुई तो आने वाले समय इससे आगे भी लिखने का प्रयास करूँगी।

लिखने को तो बहुत कुछ होता है पर यहां संक्षेप में लिखूँगी।
सूर्य- हड्डियाँ, हृदय, पित्त
चंद्रमा- मस्तिष्क, निद्रारोग, कफ विकार, जलतत्व
मंगल- लाल रक्त कणिकाएं(हीमोग्लोबिन), रक्त सम्बन्धी रोग, चोट, सर्जरी
बुध- त्वचा, त्वचा रोग, ENT वर्टिगो, स्पीच डिसऑर्डर, फेफड़े, नपुसंकता
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This thread discusses “vaccine shortage”. Data from news reports over last 6 months.

Tl;dr: Situation is not shortage as such. India has stockpile of ~140m doses end March. However there’s a tricky situation with supply vs consumption over short term.


Situation: SII and BB accumulated significant stockpiles much before earliest approvals.
SII 40m by mid Nov:
SII 270m doses produced end-March: https://t.co/peKENQvrxW
Covaxin 20m stockpile March: https://t.co/s4mZ7bSHZU


Vaccine exports total 64.9 million : https://t.co/pLKalzySrL but dropped to almost 0 in April.

Total consumption is 173.1 million up to April 12: 108.2 m local vaccinations plus 64.9m exports .


However, due to SII and BB both producing ahead of time, India accumulated a stockpile much before first vaccinations and exports began 3rd week of Jan.

Currently this stockpile is estimated at over 140m doses start of April .


At the ongoing 3.6 million doses / day we consume 108m doses a month. Even though monthly production is 65m doses, the stockpile enables current vaccination rate to continue.

There are motives behind this defund the police, people are not going be happy with. There is an active plan to federalize the police bring in UN peace keepers which is policed by nato. They corrupt politicians want to do away with Sheriffs not the police force.

This was set in to motion with UN strong cities network. Local police to be replaced by UN's peace keepers aka NATO troops and non-citizen mercenaries through the strong cities network UN to run local police boards U.S. cities.

I need you to understand what is at stake. It is America as we know it. The goal is to have the Constitution replaced, by the United Nations’ (UN) Bill of Human Rights. https://t.co/GOfzSYErf6

Be careful what you wish for not everything is what it seems, these riots and looting will be used to justify their actions leading into the a globalist government having more control.

Pay attention to Bills being pushed by Congress. Pay attention to wording. Pay attention to stories of local Sheriffs threatening to deputize law abiding citizens.all these things are connected.
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Why Kashmiri Hindus are called Pandits?

Let’s go back to the era of Sultan Sikandar known to the history as Butshikan, meaning, iconoclast. He was a religious fanatic, the like of whom would put any bigot to shame.

A long thread but plz read it 🙏 https://t.co/MnJvClDgCo

In 1394 Sultan Sikandar came to the throne and soon earned the nick name of Butshikan or Iconoclast, from the intense zeal he showed in destroying the grand old temples which the Hindu rajas had bequeathed to Kashmir.

Hindu temples were felled to the ground, and for one year a large establishments was maintained for the demolition of the grand Martand temples .

Having glutted his vengeance on Hindu temples Sikandar turned his attention to the

people who had worshipped in them ,and he offered them three choices, Death, Conversion or Exile.

Many fled, many were converted and many were killed, and it is said that though this monarch burnt “seven mounds‟ of sacred threads of murdered Brahamans.

It is pleasant to turn to the more enlightened reign of Zain-ul-Abidin (known as Budshah), who succeeded to the throne of Kashmir.

The result of his religious tolerance was the return of exiled Kashmiri Pandits.

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