Savukku Shankar started this. Anywhere, anyone who's a Brahmin he's targeting them. But dumeels will claim they fight paarpaneeyam only not Brahmins. He's cleverly instigating people to go against brahmins. Subtle, incremental nudging.. don't know where it's going to end.

@Ensoilife Along with him there are newly cropped YouTube channels. U2Brutus is another rabid anti Brahmin channel. Their ecosystem is well established. They try to emulate the RSS networking style to unleash a cultural war against Hindus, the first step is targeting Brahmins in TN.
@Ensoilife It's a meticulously choreographed political stunt by the Dravidian parties. Shankar and U2Brutus are the tools. Shankar targets specifically brahmins.
Prashant Kishore
List goes on. Whether they support DMK or not.
@Ensoilife He and the Periyarist channels subtly sow the seeds of violence against Brahmins. Won't be surprised if in future there are physical attacks on brahmins in TN.
@Ensoilife Kashmirisation of TN begins. Ironically BJP will let it happen as the fall out can help them if Hindus consolidated against Dravidian parties. That's why we see this polarising all the castes of Hindus against Brahmins. Making TN Hindus find their common enemy in Brahmins.
@Ensoilife The impression that brahmins are against every other castes is firmly being planted among the minds of Tamils. A vigorous mindgame is played. Non brahmanical hindus of TN are not as sympathetic to Brahmins as they're towards other minorities like Muslims or Christians.
@Ensoilife They may want an exodus of brahmins from TN. Every which way possible they'll try. Push them from mainstream. Target their businesses, work place social engineering and as a last resort they may even unleash violence through fringe groups that subscribe to Tamil subnationalism.
@Ensoilife If there's one affluent community that'll happily subscribe to anti Brahmin push it'd be from certain sections of Chettiars. No need to say that Muslims and Protestant groups rallying behind this.
@Ensoilife Unlike what most people think Naam Tamilar can be sympathetic to Brahmins. (Forget some of their followers' jibes towards brahmins). Their Tamil nationalism is a ploy in the shorter term to replace Dravidian parties. Hence you see the sharp attacks by Periyarist against Seeman.
@Ensoilife Not saying Seeman is pro Hindu. But BJP can benefit from supporting him from behind the scenes.

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