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I want to echo Ibrahim’s welcome for this engagement with Syrians by @AnnaMcMorrin and @WayneDavid_MP.

At the same time I am overwhelmed with how far we are from where we need to be.

I have such a flood of thoughts, it is hard to know where to

One difficulty is having too much to say. Another is that so many of my thoughts are by now steeped in bitterness.

I think it is very important to say that Labour’s problems on Syria don’t begin and end with Jeremy Corbyn and his associates.

There is too much bitterness on Twitter, but I think I need to write a little on mine here, and how it colours my view.

This year’s anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre comes to mind. Labour leader Keir Starmer marked it here:

Inevitably some couldn’t help think of Corbyn’s record of siding with mass murderers.

The month after came the anniversary of the Ghouta Massacre. I don’t believe Starmer mentioned it. I don’t think @lisanandy said anything about it either.