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🚨GEORGIA UPDATE (Voting for 12/26, late night thread)🚨

Statewide: 2,097,269 (+26,075)
Fulton: 272,057 (+14,360)
Gwinnett: 182,924 (+9,753)
Columbia: 32,920 (+175)
Houston: 32,876 (+126)
Cherokee: 53,860 (+320)
Forsyth: 58,066 (+437)
Coweta: 26,575 (+203)

I'll post the rates tomorrow with the racial breakdown. For now, let's go with the raw totals.

What do we have from today? Well, Democrats probably added about 8K votes to their margin, per @joe__gantt's estimates. That's not as much as they'd have been hoping for, to be blunt.

But let's also remember that the second weekend in the general election was a pro-GOP day. So this is certainly not the worst-case scenario everyone worried about. All of that helps the Democrats. They'd have liked more,'s Boxing Day.

Tomorrow, it appears as if DeKalb, Columbia, Fulton, and Gwinnett are open. This will likely result in another pro-Democratic day, but almost certainly with more votes cast. How much? I got no idea, but probably around 30K-40K. So Democrats will look to add about 10K to the lead.

We'll enter the last 4 days of early voting with approximately a (roughly) 190K vote lead for Democrats, in all likelihood. That'll leave the GOP with some ground to make up.