Transgenderism resembles a mass psychogenic illness that has spread thanks to the internet. If there were no Tumblr identity fluidity nonsense, and if Reddit and YouTube had never existed, most “trans” people would not have landed on “gender” as the source of their ills.

It is handed to them in the same way religion is handed to children. Thoughts and ideas are set before them, and they have brought these thoughts and ideas to live in themselves. Without the Internet, their feelings of dis-ease would have found a different explanation.
These ideas became a framework for self-understanding, a map that instructs their actions, a vocabulary that programs their tongue. The pursuit of identity was the task, the online bubble its surrogate. They were commanded by it, and it gave their lives purpose and meaning.
It had benefits. It catered to vanity. Social adulation arrived with each new step. This is why they so fiercely cling to it, since any conceptual breakdown would shatter the world they’ve built, which has been buttressed and fortified through these concepts – these errors.
Its appeal first came as an escapist fantasy for the dysmorphic and disenchanted. Unbound from the meanings thrust upon them by others, they could instead become self-creators. They imbibed the dogma that suggested only two paths lay before them: – transition or suicide.
They felt themselves racked with holes, and into these holes they poured their illusion, which they called “gender dysphoria.” This illusion gave their feelings some form of structure. “They did not care for the truth because they did not want their illusion destroyed.”
To the puzzled external observer, it appears for what it is: cult indoctrination. It is accurate to call transgenderism a cult since the ideas, axioms, and formulas that it cultivates are false. It is a fiction in which everyone else must now be made to participate.
Vandalism of the body, the “breaking of the binary”, the desire to memory-hole a past life – the colonial instinct to imprint its brand on everything – neologisms, tribal pronoun markers, the rewiring of words, the demand that people comply with absurdity.
The counterfeiting of “facts”, the assertion that “science” is on their side, the suggestion that puberty is “optional”, the dizzying panoply of gender identifications, the hymns of victimhood, the howls of “transphobia!” – what is all this if not the march of a cult?
The only way to convince someone away from cultism is to demonstrate that it is no longer beneficial to them – that it causes harm. But as Dostoyevsky observed, a person’s profit sometimes consists precisely in desiring what is bad for himself, believing it to be good.
Today, the gullible herds have “allied” themselves with it and they stamp their hooves in approval at each new Public Pronoun Announcement – many wielding influence in the mainstream – and they indulge it in the name of “compassion” – to signal that they are “good people.”
These “goodies” have allowed themselves to be talked into aiding and abetting hallucinations in exchange for the veneer of “kindness.” The long-term drug-and-surgical implications do not enter their thought space – they are concerned solely with broadcasting their “empathy.”
And so they have baptised falsehood, coddled a pseudo-reality, wrapped it in "progressive" robes and proclaimed it holy – “At last, people are discovering who they truly are!” – but this is delusion, and over the coming years this fact will shift into focus.
What was once the reserve of a few lost souls has morphed into a digital identity cult and been co-opted as a fashionable means for the dense-headed to exhibit their “righteousness.” I wrote this song as a first attempt to untangle the fabrications.

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Or, you could let us know when you figure out why it was trending yesterday and the users are complaining which is why Vice wrote about it. Why I'm saying what I am.

There's an assumption here that this problem is fixed bc it was already hacked.

It's not.

We have ppl freezing and dying in TX right now because some ppl who thought they were really smart never spoke to anyone with actual experience with energy systems in extreme cold climates.

Texans are waiting for a solution to a preventable problem.

Farmers are saying that now, not during a crisis, they have to wait for a JD tech to arrive to help them.

The assumption that bc SOME farmers said screw this and used hacked firmware to get around that obstacle doesn't mean that all farmers are doing that.

If all farmers were using hacked firmware we wouldn't be discussing this right now would we?

Of course no one has pointed out that another issue here is that no one at John Deere has figured out they don't have enough staff to quickly and reliably SOLVE problems.

The locked firmware is just one of many issues here.

By not giving people a fast solution they're causing this and other issues.

So what I'm saying is somebody at John Deere needs to examine all of this.
Many conversations happening on #WhatsApp (WA) groups about new #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy .
This thread has arguments to help ditch WA & move to @signalapp:
Share, use, copy-paste, modify with understanding as you deem fit on any platform in whole or part

Note: No affiliations, conflict of interest
Info presented with NO bias, prejudice, malice or indemnity.
Open to corrections: individual tweets may be deleted, tweets added to thread or corrected as replies.
Points that are unclear or uncertain are marked with "(?)".

BUT, there's data: contacts, group affiliations, co-affiliations, locations (live?), frequency of contacts, *tags* generated when we send or forward a message or file to contacts or groups, links, clicks on links, etc.

It is unclear whether this data is anonymized.
NOTHING in latest policy *prevents* the collection, retention, sharing or sale by FaceBook (FB: owner of WA) of this data in part or whole whether with identifying information or anonymized.
Meme source:

Companies need to make money & generate profits:
To create software, install & maintain infrastructure.
Google, FB, Insta, Amazon etc sell data created from our content & data generated from our interactions (searches, clicks, purchases etc).
This makes many uncomfortable.

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A common misunderstanding about Agile and “Big Design Up Front”:

There’s nothing in the Agile Manifesto or Principles that states you should never have any idea what you’re trying to build.

You’re allowed to think about a desired outcome from the beginning.

It’s not Big Design Up Front if you do in-depth research to understand the user’s problem.

It’s not BDUF if you spend detailed time learning who needs this thing and why they need it.

It’s not BDUF if you help every team member know what success looks like.

Agile is about reducing risk.

It’s not Agile if you increase risk by starting your sprints with complete ignorance.

It’s not Agile if you don’t research.

Don’t make the mistake of shutting down critical understanding by labeling it Bg Design Up Front.

It would be a mistake to assume this research should only be done by designers and researchers.

Product management and developers also need to be out with the team, conducting the research.

Shared Understanding is the key objective

Big Design Up Front is a thing to avoid.

Defining all the functionality before coding is BDUF.

Drawing every screen and every pixel is BDUF.

Promising functionality (or delivery dates) to customers before development starts is BDUF.

These things shouldn’t happen in Agile.
कुंडली में 12 भाव होते हैं। कैसे ज्योतिष द्वारा रोग के आंकलन करते समय कुंडली के विभिन्न भावों से गणना करते हैं आज इस पर चर्चा करेंगे।
कुण्डली को कालपुरुष की संज्ञा देकर इसमें शरीर के अंगों को स्थापित कर उनसे रोग, रोगेश, रोग को बढ़ाने घटाने वाले ग्रह

रोग की स्थिति में उत्प्रेरक का कार्य करने वाले ग्रह, आयुर्वेदिक/ऐलोपैथी/होमियोपैथी में से कौन कारगर होगा इसका आँकलन, रक्त विकार, रक्त और आपरेशन की स्थिति, कौन सा आंतरिक या बाहरी अंग प्रभावित होगा इत्यादि गणना करने में कुंडली का प्रयोग किया जाता है।

मेडिकल ज्योतिष में आज के समय में Dr. K. S. Charak का नाम निर्विवाद रूप से प्रथम स्थान रखता है। उनकी लिखी कई पुस्तकें आज इस क्षेत्र में नए ज्योतिषों का मार्गदर्शन कर रही हैं।
प्रथम भाव -
इस भाव से हम व्यक्ति की रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता, सिर, मष्तिस्क का विचार करते हैं।

द्वितीय भाव-
दाहिना नेत्र, मुख, वाणी, नाक, गर्दन व गले के ऊपरी भाग का विचार होता है।
तृतीय भाव-
अस्थि, गला,कान, हाथ, कंधे व छाती के आंतरिक अंगों का शुरुआती भाग इत्यादि।

चतुर्थ भाव- छाती व इसके आंतरिक अंग, जातक की मानसिक स्थिति/प्रकृति, स्तन आदि की गणना की जाती है

पंचम भाव-
जातक की बुद्धि व उसकी तीव्रता,पीठ, पसलियां,पेट, हृदय की स्थिति आंकलन में प्रयोग होता है।

षष्ठ भाव-
रोग भाव कहा जाता है। कुंडली मे इसके तत्कालिक भाव स्वामी, कालपुरुष कुंडली के स्वामी, दृष्टि संबंध, रोगेश की स्थिति, रोगेश के नक्षत्र औऱ रोगेश व भाव की डिग्री इत्यादि।