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20 years ago, I created the Danish gaming site Daily Rush with @mwittrock – inside a startup accelerator called Prey4, complete with fantastical projections of world domination πŸ˜‚ – but now it's the end, after the proprietor of many years died in 2018.

Daily Rush was the culmination of years of using the web to do gaming journalism. I started Konsollen all the way back in 1995, then ran for years in anticipation of Id's shooter, then worked at a web portal, then Daily Rush.

This was how I got into web development, project management, organizing, writing, publishing, and how I met lifelong friends. What a wonderful time. But most good things come to an end. We should all be so lucky to see something we help set in the sea brave the waves for 20 yrs!

It's awesome to see the Internet Archive snapshots from all the way back to the early months of the site. Web design anno 2000 😍

The memory lane trip on the Internet Archive goes all the way back to the precursor to Daily Rush, that site. Here's a snapshot from 1999! Complete with all the news written by yours truly πŸ˜„