Authors Antonio García Martínez

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This essay about the stripping of our once-broad civic identities down to purely political ones engaged in existential getting shredded because readers can only perceive it as a political statement from the tribe they're in existential combat with.

This isn't a novel idea, and in fact more than one commenter has made some version of this point recently, without (apparently) this level of scorn.

This is a reaction to the author's politics, which ironically lends credence to the original argument.

Another negative reaction is: You're a senator. Do something!

And another point of the essay is that we can't rely on a political system to forge our communities or sense of belonging for us. That can only come from an engaged citizenry.

Thus, another very ironic reaction.

This critique is more self-aware. It's also a trendy post-modern deconstruction of the argument: everything is power relations, 'all politics is identity politics', etc.

In brief: Apolitical identity is impossible, and we're cursed to debate the meaning of small-town football games...forever.

Not the same ironic backhanded endorsement of the argument, but what a future that implies.