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Lot Of People Requested For An Example Of Trend & Pullback System For Directional Trading System Which I Mentioned in Below Tweet. Hence a #Thread.

I Use Various Combinations Of Time Frame for Trading / Investing. Generally, Time Frame Selected Decides Holding Period Of Trade. For Investment, Quarterly, Monthly & Weekly Time Frames Are Used, Where Holding Period is Few Months To Years.

Most People Are Generally Interested in Short Term Trading. Hence, Illustrating One System Which I Use For Short Term Stock Futures Trading. Holding Period For These Trades is 2-5 Days. This Example is of Gail Futures Where Taken Long Position Today. Here We Go:-

Stock Futures Swing Trading Sysem
Time Frames Used :-
Weekly - Stock Selection
Daily - Pullback
Intraday (75Min) - Volatility & Entry Signal

#StockSelection - GAIL Is Trading Near All Time High. Strong Up Trend. No Brainer. We Can Use RSI To Check Strength. RSI Above 60 is Generally Strong Trend.
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System says don't buy the dip

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