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When drag queens were their own little subculture, no one cared. Trying to "normalize" them on kids was your mistake. You got greedy

When normal people have been reasoned into abnormality, you have to reason them back from it, step by step. Starting with the most abnormal parts.

People find drag queens in schools very very weird. It's not because there's something wrong with *the people*.

Finding solutions to all these other problems isn't just a matter of voting in a new guy. That's what we tried with Trump. How did the Drag Queen Party react to that?

Wait, you mean they mobilized their entire cultural behemoth to lie, impeach, and fortify all of democracy against his reelection, replacing him with CGIden, the guy running all of these disasters you're complaining about now?

You're complaining about all the outcomes of that ideology

But you're suddenly very, very afraid that normal people are starting to reject the culture that ideology comes bundled with?

The one comes with the other. Maybe there was a moment you could have drag queens on mainstream TV *and* cheap gas, but I'm afraid the ideological logic that then led to Drag Queen Library Hour has closed the brief period—what was it, a whole 10, 15 years?—where that was possible
But we're not allowed democracy. When we voted in a guy who just wanted to reform the failing system—put up a wall, rebalance trade, try to reindustrialize—democracy *called* him Hitler

And still seems more interested in him to this day, than the guy who they replaced him with

You know what, normal people *want order*. You can call it fascism, I guess it is if you're saying democracy *rejects* order

Normal people want normal lives. When your ideology denies them this, they don't just say "Well okay, if it's for democracy"

They become MORE "fascist"

When you reject all reform, and insist that normal people buy in to your boutique, frankly bizarre beliefs, that normal people are *hurt* by

And when they follow the democratic process to oppose this, by voting in someone they'd like to make things just a little more normal—

When your response is "He's a Russian agent, here's the proof we used every agent of the media and deep state to fabricate, we're impeaching him twice, and trying again now that he's out of office," a 1990s liberal is so toxic to democracy we have to ban him from all social media

Then sorry, you *deserve* fascism. You *deserve* to be afraid of the people. Because you've made the people's lives hell, and you've denied them any political process capable of undoing what you've done to them

Enjoy it. It's not going away. It's only going to get worse for you.