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This is one reason why I quit robotics. I thought it was can work and build fun stuff...but when we went to regional championships there was the FREAKING MILITARY??? And Lockheed Martin and Delta. And they were ALL like....we make planes for the military >:)

Me: am I gonna build a space ship!?

Robotics fair: No bich! You live in georgia!! Now help us build these aerial bombers and military excavation robots! :))


Like both delta and Lockheed Martin are here and several large military bases so we actually got to visit delta hangers where they make the planes and I was like wow! Planes! And then later i found out airlines are big jerks and make stuff for the airforce.

I wish I would've known I could still probably build spaceships....but idk I was like 15 I didn't know shit. I was just like....I don't see any spaceships!???
I liked the commercial planes...planes are a lot here in Georgia theres a school for it and they have their own airport.

We went there it was cool. Its in the country tho because its a tiny airport for regional flights so the students learn how a control tower works. The control tower is super cool.