Ok as a French Muslim, i think, i must to explain to EVERYONE what’s this exactly about the “Halal” ban slaughter (1/8)

Recently, many have seen some tweets saying that the slaughter of animals with the "halal" ritual will be banned in France. (2/8)
But, unfortunately, this is the problem of the networks, no one will go digging to know more, laziness trivialized in these modern times surely. (3/8)
Know what you must to know it’s they banned only those who use the electronarcosis then they slaughter the animal with the halal ritual.
Before it was permissible by the French law but not by the European rules. (4/8)
Also theses three mosques (Evry, Paris, Lyon) who’re mentioned on many articles about this, you must to know now, they already cheated with the whole French Muslim community. (5/8)
For exemple, they give the “halal certification” to some meats companies, some of us think it’s halal but in reality no, we already found before the pork meat just ... (6/8)
We French Muslim for many of us, we prefer clearly buy our meats from Halal private companies like AVS, Achahada, they have many controllers to check it the slaughter is halal unlike theses mosques who cheated with us for their interests and money. (7/8)
So to conclude, it’s a rare GOOD decision from Macron, now they can’t cheat with us and we’re sure in shaa Allah every Halal meats are really Halal !! (8/8)
The normal halal slaughter without stunning is still permissible here in France !!!
https://t.co/VLjcSdGpG4 you have an article in French, you can use Google translate if you don’t understand French ofc and translate it in English
Oh and sorry for my English 😂😭
English isn’t my first language and i hate using google translate so i try to speak with you with my skills 😂

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