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I could create an entire twitter feed of things Facebook has tried to cover up since 2015. Where do you want to start, Mark and Sheryl?

Ok, here. Just one of the 236 mentions of Facebook in the under read but incredibly important interim report from Parliament. ht @CommonsCMS

Let’s do another, this one to Senate Intel. Question: “Were you or CEO Mark Zuckerberg aware of the hiring of Joseph Chancellor?"
Answer "Facebook has over 30,000 employees. Senior management does not participate in day-today hiring decisions."

Or to @CommonsCMS: Question: "When did Mark Zuckerberg know about Cambridge Analytica?"
Answer: "He did not become aware of allegations CA may not have deleted data about FB users obtained through Dr. Kogan's app until March of 2018, when
these issues were raised in the media."

If you prefer visuals, watch this short clip after @IanCLucas rightly expresses concern about a Facebook exec failing to disclose info.
We’ve discussed before but here is the issue in Facebook’s banning decision (whether you agree or disagree). This entire chain of execs from Bickert up to Zuckerberg report into and lobby DC interests. Same group that decided not to take action on shooting and looting post. /1

Bickert was lawyer involved in issues now central to facebook antitrust complaints. She also gave false evidence to Parliament one month before globe found out about Cambridge Analytica. And she's now giving advice on Trump account. Political winds. /2

Kaplan's role is well-documented. WSJ, NYT and Wash Post all had significant reports how he oversized influence inside of Facebook. He also played point in the 2016 post-election scrutiny of Facebook with his deep conservative ties. Political winds. /3

Clegg was hired in once the heat got too much in the UK and globally. If you speak to anyone familiar with his work as a MP, you'll entirely understand why Facebook hired him. Political winds. /4

Sandberg is a long story. But she has been intersection of everything using deny, deflect, delay tactics and her deep DC ties to avoid having to answer tough questions where FB traded toxic effects on globe to make more $ / power. Political Winds. /5