Ophir Harpaz
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[1/4] Ok this is really funny, check this out.
I was in the process of booking a flight via @OneTravel. Trying to make me book ASAP, they claimed: "38 people are looking at this flight".
Whoa, 38 is a lot, I have to hurry up. But first I have to check how they came up with 38 >>

[2/4] Right click and a quick "inspect" on the number, I found out the element's class name is "view_notification_random".
Awesome variable naming guys.
So you're _randomly_ trying to freak me out. Alright >>
[3/4] So what's your sophisticated pseudo-random algorithm?
Apparently, OneTravel are choosing a number between 28 and 45.
Because as you all know, based on serious psychological research, these numbers tend to make people book their flights fast #sarcasm #not42 >>
[4/4] Here's a bonus graph.
Thanks @IddoYadlin and #WolframAlpha.

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