What happens when a neural net tries to write rhyming lyrics?

Apparently, an ode to defunct Swiss chemical company Alusuisse.

The fine rhyming work of @mark_riedl's Weird A.I. program

Rhyming is super hard, especially in English where threw rhymes with through but not dough, and the emphasis patterns are all over the place.

There's lots of AI poetry but there's a reason it doesn't tend to rhyme
.@mark_riedl's algorithm has a part that chooses rhyming words, scoring them according to their similarity to the song's theme.

Here, "Uzbekistan" was the closest rhyme it could think of for "saucepan" given cakes as a topic.

Good job, AI
There's a subalgorithm that has to come up with lines of a given number of syllables.

Occasionally it gives up and returns a line that's way too short. Another subalgorithm chooses from several candidate lines & often prefers the short lines.

So you get

The subalgorithm that has to generate the rhyming lines often gets desperate, especially when the subalgorithm that chose the rhyme handed it something like "welp" or "alusuisse".

It will sometimes resort to making up words entirely
You can generate your own weird alternate rhymes for free and yes I absolutely want to read how they came out


total karaoke power move: ignoring the words onscreen and singing an AI version instead

Here's a karaoke algorithm by @botnikstudios that, instead of generating lines from scratch, picks them from an existing corpus (like X-files scripts)

Result doesn't rhyme or even make sense but DANG am I impressed how @jamieabrew can sing them on the fly

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