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Sharing, what I think, are some useful layouts for

Market Analysis: I use this as a short-term breadth indicator. Clean chart with % Stocks Above Below MAs Indicator below. Indicator can be moved to any MA and also between SPX, QQQ etc.

$SPX Stocks above 20,50 & 200 MA

New Highs vs Lows: New Highs vs Lows in the Market. If you compare the new lows emerging with major tops in the market you can see warning signs emerge.

$QQQ Stocks above 20, 50 & 200 MA

Finally, here is my standard trading layout h/t to @taplot as I shamelessly emulated his layout and use many of the scripts that he generously released.
Using AI to complete work feels like cheating and winning a race.

Here are 7 mind-blowing websites to save you countless hours ( I bet ) ↓

1. Taskade

Build your second brain.

Simply type “/ai“, select a command, and hit enter.

Work faster and smarter across any project using Taskade AI, and it is completely free!


2. ChatSonic

A chatGPT-like chatbot that integrates with Google Search to create content with the latest information.

Additionally, it can create digital images and respond to voice commands.


3. Rizzi

Unleash the power of infinite rizz!.

The world's most powerful text AI, built into your keyboard


4. Notion AI

Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page.

Write faster, think bigger, and augment your creativity.

Like magic!