10 Google Calendar tips so good that you'll kick yourself for not knowing them :

1. Create New Calendar Event

use https://t.co/eFpzENNmRR to quickly create a new calendar event.

Save time by avoiding multiple clicks.
2. Daily Email Digest

Start your day with a daily agenda in your Gmail inbox, based on your Google Calendar schedule.

To Activate:

1. Go to settings

2. Settings for my calendars

3. Go to Other notifications

4. Daily Agenda → Select Email
3. Display World Clock and Secondary Timezone

Never leave the calendar to check the time in another timezone.

Everything at one place, 10X Productivity.

To Activate:

1. Go to settings

2. World Clock, Add countries you want
4. Advanced Search

Unlock results faster with smart search.

Everything works just like the Gmail Advanced filter.

Search faster, Save time.
5. Hide / Show Weekends

In seconds, switch between weekend and weekday views.

Stay focused on what matters the most.
6. Merge Multiple Account Calendars into One

Want to combine your work and personal calendar to keep track of everything?

Simple it is:

1. Share your calendar from one account

2. Accept the invite and start seeing in another account
7. Trash Calender

Ever deleted an event by mistake?

It's simple to retrieve them by simply heading to the Trash.
8. Calendar Shortcuts

Learn these frequently used shortcuts :

Create event → c
Go to today’s view → t
Day view → d
Week view → w
Month view → m
Agenda view → a
Search → /
Settings → s
9. Chrome Extensions

Get Extra Options of Google Calendar with gCal—https://t.co/q0Pngi8F63

Button for Google Calendar—
10. Publish a calendar to the website

Example: Embed GCal inside Notion

To Activate:

1. Go to settings

2. Select Calendar

3. Integrate calendar

4. Grab the embed code ( Make sure the calendar is public )
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Here are 10 Chrome extensions that you cannot miss:

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8 Google Chrome extensions nobody told you about ( but you needed them badly at work ) :

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