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Topic: Reversals in Option Selling via @Ronak_Unadkat

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary Topic: 2 Setups for Trending Days & 2 Setups for Reversal Days

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader Topic: Mistakes not to be repeated by a Pro Option Seller

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood Topic: How Mitesh Sir does Positional Option Selling

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood Topic: Most useful software and apps for trading & investing

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 Topic: How to find targets and how to exit a trade

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 @RijhwaniSheetal Topic: Useful threads on stocks markets and money

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 @RijhwaniSheetal @Twinkleinvest Topic: Free Technical analysis courses worth 80,000

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 @RijhwaniSheetal @Twinkleinvest @Trading0secrets Topic: Avoiding Operator Traps

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 @RijhwaniSheetal @Twinkleinvest @Trading0secrets @Anshi_________ Topic: India's fight against Inflation

@Ronak_Unadkat @niki_poojary @Pathik_Trader @SarangSood @sourabhsiso19 @RijhwaniSheetal @Twinkleinvest @Trading0secrets @Anshi_________ @KirtanShahCFP If you found this useful, please do RT the first tweet.

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Great video with points helpful for beginners.

Made 4 threads on DJ Sir with the help of @niki_poojary

1. Selecting strikes to trade in with risk management.
2. How he took some aggressive trades.
3. Multiple charts analysis for intraday trading.
4. Trade Setup

Attaching all threads made on DJ Sir. After watching the video you can refer to this tweet for notes about his strategy and learn a few other ideas.

Compiling these together for easy access to his knowledge.

1. Selecting strikes and risk

2. Going aggressive with help of data and

3. Intraday
THREAD: 14 of the best resources/topics for anyone who wants to start option selling as a career. 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1. Best Sources of knowledge for a beginner in option selling?

Zerodha Varsity from @Nithin0dha's team & the @tastytrade financial network.


2. Top YouTube Channel for Options Learning?

Power of Stocks - Subhasish Pani

What you'll learn:
1. How to form a trading plan.
2. How to scale an account with risk-reward in option selling.
3. Technical analysis logics you can use daily.


3. What are the preconditions to start option Selling:

You should know technical Analysis basics like:
- Support/Resistance
- Chart Patterns
- Candle Patterns
- Dow Theory (HH, LL)

This will help you start taking high probability trades.

4. Risk Management is a must for option selling

If you don't learn to manage your risk, making money in trading is going to be an extremely difficult endeavor

Have some rules:
1. Risk no more than 0.25% per trade as a beginner
2. Risk no more than 2% in a day for the first year
A list of cool websites you might not know about

A thread 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary


Need a fake email address to sign up for a site and don't want to end up in a bunch of spam lists then here's a free website.

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Want to learn for free from an Ivy League school?

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free and open collection of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum.


Handpicked movies and shows of every genre.

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