How one's investment philosophy should be and when should one book profits---

▶️A high return portfolio - a concentrated portfolio with around 10 stocks of high-growth companies which have moat in their business should be excellent. Moat allows businesses to compound their revenues, cash flows, and earnings for an extended period of time.
such companies often are led by visionary founders with skin in the game. You should always buy with the intention of holding indefinitely but it is always with the intention of holding indefinitely but the business world is very competitive now so you should hold stocks until
▶️When you should sell-
1 - When you spot a new opportunity or need cash urgently.
2 -When the management becomes worse or CFO/auditors changed .
3 -When other competitors are dominating ie When the moat has been invaded.
4-When a company's rev. growth < 12% pa or slow down QOQ
Using technical/EMAs to exit
Exit a stock when it starts to trade below 200 EMA.

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