Kadri Manjunatha is believed to be the oldest Shiva Shrine in Mangaluru.
It also has tanks with natural springs and laterite caves known as Pandava Caves.
The Kadri Hill has the biggest centre of Natha Pantha (cult) in South India.

After defeating and ending Kshatriyas, Parashurama donated all land to Kashyap. He, then, meditated upon Shiva.
Shiva told Parashurama that he would incarnate as Manjunath and asked him to meditate at Kadalivana (today’s Kadri).
Parashurama visited the new land and found a Kadalivana (plantain field) and one Rasakoopa (well). Shiva appeared in that Rasakoopa and later Vishwakarma created a shrine.
Ma Parvathi also settled here and Saptakoti Mantras settled here as Sapta Teerthas (7 ponds).
Much later, Kadri became a buddhist centre and after that the Natha pantha. The Jogis of Jogimutt still reside here and worship Manjunatha.
The place has a natural spring called Gomukha. It is said that water flows in it from Ganga in Kashi, hence called Kashi Bhagirathi Tirth.

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This is a pretty valiant attempt to defend the "Feminist Glaciology" article, which says conventional wisdom is wrong, and this is a solid piece of scholarship. I'll beg to differ, because I think Jeffery, here, is confusing scholarship with "saying things that seem right".

The article is, at heart, deeply weird, even essentialist. Here, for example, is the claim that proposing climate engineering is a "man" thing. Also a "man" thing: attempting to get distance from a topic, approaching it in a disinterested fashion.

Also a "man" thing—physical courage. (I guess, not quite: physical courage "co-constitutes" masculinist glaciology along with nationalism and colonialism.)

There's criticism of a New York Times article that talks about glaciology adventures, which makes a similar point.

At the heart of this chunk is the claim that glaciology excludes women because of a narrative of scientific objectivity and physical adventure. This is a strong claim! It's not enough to say, hey, sure, sounds good. Is it true?

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