Dedicated to Naag Devta Vasuki. The five-headed Naga Devta is visited by devotees, especially on Sundays when special Pooja is performed offering milk and turmeric to the deity.
Two nagas- Darnendran and Padmavati are dwarapalaks here.

Once a village girl was cutting grass in the area when she noticed blood oozing out of her axe after accidentally hitting a stone. It was the stone murti of Naga devta. A hut was built around it. Later Raja Marthanda Verma visited here when he was suffering from skin problems.
His disease was cured and he built a huge mandir here.
The main sanctum still has mud walls and thatched roof with the stone murti of Nagaraja placed on the soil. The soil underneath it always remains wet. It is believed that blood is still oozing out of the murti till date.
It is said that this soil holds special powers and can cure any skin ailments; the soil is also given as prasadam to the visitors of the mandir.
Amazingly, the soil is black in dakshinayana punyakala and turns white in uttarayana punyakala of Surya.
A tortoise occupies the place (instead of Garuda) on the flagpost. This maybe because Garuda and Naga are natural enemies. Also, Sri Vishnu took kurma avatar during samudra manthan. Image of tortoise maybe to show respect to kurma avatar.

Nagalinga flowers also bloom here.

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