@EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 1. Reversion of molecularly engineered, partially attenuated, very virulent infectious bursal disease virus during infection of commercial chickens
2. Reversion to Virulence of Attenuated Canine Distemper Virus In Vivo and In

@fapsid @EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 3. pathogenic reversion of simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239Deltanef increases viral replication
@fapsid @EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 4. Genetic suppression in
reovirus: Ramig et al. 1977
papovavirus: Shortle et al. 1979
picornavirus: King et al. 1980
vaccinia virus: McFadden et al. 1980
influenza virus: Tolpin et al. 1981
herpesvirus: Hall and Almey 1982
adenovirus: Kruijer et al. 1983
@fapsid @EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 5. reversion to virulence of live attenuated vaccines
1. Evolutionary reversion of live viral vaccines: Can genetic engineering subdue it?
2. Mechanisms Causing Reversion to Virulence in an Attenuated SARS-CoV
@fapsid @EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 6. reversion to virulence of live attenuated vaccines
3. The double-edged sword: How evolution can make or break a live-attenuated virus vaccine
4. Selection Versus Mutation: Reducing the Risk of Vaccine Reversion
@fapsid @EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 7. NSP16 mutant reverts in immune-compromised model
and SARS-CoV dNSP16 can revert to virulence
Menachery, Yount & Baric 2018
Combination attenuation offers strategy for live-attenuated coronavirus vaccines

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Same covid-19 mutations are appearing in different places, which may or may not be strange....
41,000 mutations documented in 880 lineages.
Most in spike protein
What explains it?




Zhengli Shi and Deyin Guo in 2015
Coronavirus nsp10/nsp16 Methyltransferase Can Be Targeted by nsp10-Derived Peptide In Vitro and In Vivo To Increase or Decrease Replication and Pathogenesis

Deyin Guo 2016:
Molecular mechanisms of coronavirus RNA capping and methylation

Deyin Guo 2012
Short peptides derived from the interaction domain of SARS coronavirus nonstructural protein nsp10 can suppress the 2′-O-methyltransferase activity of nsp10/nsp16 complex

Deyin Guo 2013
Structure-function Analysis of SARS Coronavirus RNA Cap Guanine-N7 Methyltransferase.

Deyin Guo 2016
Identification and Characterization of a Ribose 2’-O-Methyltransferase Encoded by the Ronivirus Branch of Nidovirales
Tip from the Monkey
Pangolins, September 2019 and PLA are the key to this mystery
Stay Tuned!

1. Yang

2. A jacobin capuchin dangling a flagellin pangolin on a javelin while playing a mandolin and strangling a mannequin on a paladin's palanquin, said Saladin
More to come tomorrow!

3. Yigang Tong
Archived: https://t.co/ncz5ruwE2W

4. YT Interview
Some bats & pangolins carry viruses related with SARS-CoV-2, found in SE Asia and in Yunnan, & the pangolins carrying SARS-CoV-2 related viruses were smuggled from SE Asia, so there is a possibility that SARS-CoV-2 were coming from
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen Clearly, because as I have been saying for 8 months now, DTRA and DARPA have been using Ecohealth and UC Davis to collect novel pathogens for gain of function work back in the USA. I have documented this in many threads which I will post here just to annoy everyone.

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

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