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जनपदोध्वंस (Pandemic).

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति (जो पुरूष धर्म का नाश करता है, उसी का नाश धर्म कर देता है)

Why do we always have to learn it the hard way?

Charak Samhita (of Ayurveda) has a whole chapter on जनपदोध्वंस (pandemic).

Shloka 3.6 describes the cause of जनपदोध्वंस as अधर्मः (Adharma). It says where basic elements like earth, water, air are polluted, seasons do not follow the correct timings, living beings are killed mercilessly, good conduct has vanished, where there’s exploitation of forces of

nature, where this is curse (because of agony of living beings) जनपदोध्वंस is inevitable.

We are satisfying not one but all the conditions. Ground-water, crops-land, rivers, air we breath everything is polluted. Climate change is prevalent because of green house gases.

Animals are reproduced artificially and killed in millions every day and that too with the most cruel way possible.

Towards the end of the story of Mahabharata (महाभारत), Veda Vyasa (व्यास) through the five slokas known as the "Bharatasavitri" (भारत सवीत्री) emphasizes

as to how important the quality of righteousness is to both the human life and the society and that if righteousness is abandoned and unrighteousness supported, not only is the entire clan ruined but it also causes a great deal of harm to the society.