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Because the FBI raid of Donald Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago involved nuclear secret documents that Trump deliberately was hiding, it is a crime that that carries DECADES of prison. If he tried to sell them, he could see death penalty

This links my Threads

First Thread about the Mar-A-Lago search was written before we knew about the nuclear documents. But this shows you how bad the GENERAL raid was on Trump. You may find it useful to read this Thread

My second Thread is about Merrick Garland's short press conference. It discusses the search warrant. And how severe this was, how thorough DOJ has been, giving valuable background on what happened BEFORE this search

This is my first attempt at a 'serious' Thread relating to news about the nuclear secret news. It is also the early draft of what will become my 'Path 6' to take Trump to prison for life (certainly. My previous 5 Paths also take Trump to prison

I was first person to estimate prison time for total Trump crime waves. I have now updated that. This is my latest update of total Trump prison time, including a very conservative count of prelim nuclear secret