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Great session by @MarcJBrooker earlier on building technology standards at Amazon scale, and some interesting tidbits about the secret sauce behind Lambda and how they make technology choices - e.g. in whether to use Rust for the stateful load balancer v2 for Lambda.


Nice shout out to some of the benefits of Rust - no GC (good for p99+ percentile latency), memory safety with its ownership system great support for multi-threading (which still works with the ownership system)

And why not to use Rust.

The interesting Q is how to balance technical strengths vs weaknesses that are more organizational.

And it all boils down to this..

which is basically the same question that organizations all over the world have to answer when they consider adopting #serverless technologies like Lambda.

And I love Marc's answer - to innovate (ie. try new things) with guard rails that mitigate the risks.

As a consultant, I often find myself being one of those guard rails for organizations that want to adopt #Serverless

(nice plug, self hi-five! โœ‹)