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1/ I have a thoughts about this thread critique of #DoctorsAreDickheads and to lesser extent some of the other criticisms I've seen or heard about it.

Thread ahead. It's gonna be a long one so buckle up or mute accordingly.

2/ First - etymology of the hashtag (as I understand it). @stevieboebi posted a video about how after years of misdiagnosis, dismissiveness and all the all too familiar to many of us experiences with doctors, she finally got a dx. (Note no

3/ At the very end of a *12 minute* video she makes a statement of support to people who have had or are having similar experiences struggling to get diagnosed and treatment. Doctors are dickheads were three words in a TWELVE MINUTE video.

4/ In response someone (not sure if they are a doctor or med student or what) said they are "personally offended" by those three words (and apparently missed entire point of video). @stevieboebi replied.

5/ At some point @crippledscholar tweeted.
Let's talk honestly about "informed consent."
Someone with decades of training gives someone with none advice usually packed into 1-3 mins. Huge amount is based on trust. Huge potential for bias built in. But also there is no obligation to provide real alternative options.

I am classified as 'gifted' (obnoxious and ableist term). I mention because of what I am about to say. You all know that I was an ambulatory wheelchair user previously - could stand - but contractures have ended that. When I pleaded for physio, turned down. But did you know...

I recently was chatting with a doctor I know and explaining what happened and the day the physiatrist told me it was too late and nothing could be done. The doctor asked if I'd like one of her friends/colleagues to give second opinion. I said yes please! So...

She said can you send me MRI and other imaging they did to determine it wasn't possible to address your contractures.

Me: What?
Dr.: They did a MRI first before deciding right?
Me: No
Dr: What did they do??!
Me: Examined me for 2 minutes.
Dr: I am very angry rn. Can't talk.

My point is you don't even know if you are making "informed" decisions because the only source of information you have is the person who has already decided what they think you should do. And may I remind you of a word called 'compliance.'