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Today, 10 years ago, I launched BetaList 🤯

Since then we've…

🚀 Featured 15,000+ startups
💖 Reviewed 70,000+ submissions
😘 Welcomed 100,000+ registered users
💰 Generated almost $1M in revenue


📅 It all started as a way to get publicity for an iPad app me and my friends were working on.

In 2010 it was hard to get press coverage as a bootstrapped startup.

This lead me to create "" (the .com was taken)

📢 TechCrunch (@alexia) wrote an article on it.

Back then, getting featured on TechCrunch was the equivalent of hitting #1 on Product

✍️ Couple years after, I wrote the origin story with the clickbait-title:

How I Tricked TechCrunch Into Writing About My Startup

Ironically it gained 60K views and drove even more visits than the TechCrunch article. Check it out for the full

💰 I didn't intend to monetize BetaList when I started.

But when established companies started asking how to get featured, I offered them paid advertising slots instead. Starting at $50/week and continuously doubling the price until they said no.

Today it's $1,500/week.