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If you are someone who spends more time on analyzing markets during trading, then this for you. Certain traders will create their own bullish or bearish view in their mind but seek confirmation for their trades which is called as confirmation bias. #tradingpsychology 1/15

We do not like people or information that contradicts our thoughts. We like them when they confirm what we think. Hence, we tend to place more weight on information that confirms our trade position. Example- You think market is bullish & wanted to go on a long position,

Next a new bullish bar prints on the chart. You would think "Yes, my bullish proposition is still valid" (even though this bullish bar is smaller range)

A bearish bar prints. But you think "this bar lacks momentum" (because you already have firm belief that market is bullish)

One more bearish bar follows, pushing against a support level. But you would think "the support level is holding" Bullishness confirmed. Buy more! (even though this bar closed below the support level with clear momentum.)
Most beginners when building a trading strategy simply use current info and test with it, they don't know How to Get Historical Stock Futures lot size, list of stocks that are part of index like Nifty 50, Nifty 500 historically, I will share all such info in this thread

Please note that there is no way to get the historical lot size of stocks futures, NSE don't publish it directly, so we need to do some calculated steps to get that data. Download Market Activity report

The zip file contains multiple files, open the second file.

The file will contain stock symbol, expiry date, OHLC data, along with that you get traded quantity and No of contracts traded, using this data we can calculate the lot size of every stock symbol. Simply divide Traded QTY / NO of contracts gives you the lot size.

So to get the historical stock futures data, all you need to do is change the date in the below link For an example, to get the historical stock futures lot size data for Sep 2016, use
I have shared multiple information related to trading and investing through my historical data analysis by writing various articles, here's the master thread that contains all my work in one place.🧵
I have been watching movies from a very early age and I just love it. Watching a good movie makes you forget that you are actually watching a movie. Here's a master thread about reviews of all the movies I have shared in twitter so far.Trying to find a weekend movie? Here it is