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March, 2019:

"The fourth industrial revolution - it's a fusion of the physical, the digital & the biological world. It's changing not only what we are doing, it's changing who we are."

- Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum


Schwab: "The speed is mind boggling. What I'm particularly concerned about, is how little the world is prepared."

Satya Nadella, #Mircosoft: "It's really the notion of digital technology pervasively impacting every walk of life & every [] industry, in all parts of the globe."

"A Cloud for Global Good"
"Tech for Good"
"Responsible AI"

Holistic linguistics. Marketing terms. Branding content.

Lies packaged as beautiful illusions:

"Harnessing this revolution requires the involvements of all #stakeholders. From #public & private sectors, to #academia & civil society."

March 2019: 4 centers: US, India, Japan, China. Present: affiliate centers (currently 9), to form a global network, will roll out at scale.

Sept 24, 2019: Aker group & WEF announced establishment of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution #Norway (#C4IRNorway). The Centre officially opened Jan. 1, 2020.

One area of focus will be #ocean #mining, #deepseamining.