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How to get rich, learn anything, and get more done.

11 Tweets to change your life. 🧵

1/ Learn Anything:

A masterclass from my friend @SahilBloom

The 6-step framework he uses to learn anything.

(1) Identify & Establish
(2) Research
(3) Skin in the Game
(4) Engage Community
(5) Teach
(6) Reflect &

2/ A cheat sheet for building your career:

20 things you'll wish you knew sooner.

An amazing piece by @RomeenSheth on career

3/ The 5 Traits of Elite Individuals:

I'm not sure what rock I've been living under...

I've somehow just now stumbled across @NdamukongSuh's Twitter content.

It's a goldmine.

Case in point

4/ Where you are -> Where you're going:

•Be consistent
•Set higher standards
•Learn to say "no" more
Success isn't a mistake.

8 steps to build the life you want. 🧵

Clock In:

It's time to go to work.

There are no magic bullets & "get-rich-quick" doesn't exist in the real world.

Immerse yourself in learning, have a bias toward action, be willing to do what others won't.

Do this & you won't need to look for results, they'll find you.

Work from the top down:

The fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Find someone who's already there.

Learn from them, seek advice, & follow the path they've forged.

Reach out.

People are more willing to help than you think.


The bigger your goals, the more likely it is they'll take longer to achieve.

Most people fail when they quit right before their plan is beginning to work.

By stopping, they never know how close they actually were.

Be consistent. Keep going.

h/[email protected]

Build your personal brand:

We're all selling something, often it's ourselves.

Give before you get.

Provide value, be unique, be consistent.

Once people know what to expect from you, they'll come back for more.

The best advertisement in the world is repeatable results.
Google Sheets isn't Excel...

But it's more powerful than you think.

8 things Google Sheets can do, you'll wish you knew yesterday. 📊

Translate Text:

Need to convert data from one language to another?


This will translate the words in cell "A2" from English to Spanish.

Replace "en" with "auto" and Sheets will identify the source language automatically.


Assuming you're signed in to your Google account, head on up to your browser's address bar:

From there type: ""

Boom! A new Google sheet is created for you on the fly from anywhere on the web.

(Works for docs too)

Pretty cool!


Easily visualize data trends by adding sparklines to your sheet.

To add a basic "mini-graph" inside a cell, it's as simple as inputting:

=SPARKLINE (A1:F1) – (Where A1:F1 represents your range of data.)

For more detailed options, check this out:👇🏻


Need to do some number crunching?

Let Google's AI do the work for you.

•Highlight the range of data.

•Move your cursor to the starburst shaped icon in the bottom right corner.

•Click "Explore" – Complex charts, analytics, & detailed info. generated automatically.