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XRP's death. Is XRP dying? 1/*

XRP is also known as the Phoenix, see Ripple's office. 2/*

What's the Phoenix? A bird that cyclically regenerates and it's associated with the Sun. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor (SWIFT). Read the link: 3/*.

Lately we're seeing a lot of SURPRISED faces in Mr.Pool drops. See what August 15 decrypted message says about the Phoenix, the storm and SURPRISES: "As the storm comes to a SURPRISING and unexpected halt, and the clouds clear out to your own SURPRISE". 4/*

So, if XRP is the Phoenix maybe it has to die before it reborns. Reset. XRP's death -or a big fall- alone, or death combined with reborn could cause such a surprise described in Mr. Pool drops. 5/*