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Reminder America has been in State of Emergency since 1933...

Senate Report Written in 1973, says “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency…Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the president may: seize property;…

seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication;…restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.”

The president can act through Executive Order, Presidential Proclamation, or through his many agencies, which include most of the alphabet agencies.

Senate Report🔻

In the introduction to Senate Report 93-549:

"A majority of the people of the united States have lived all their lives under emergency rule.-(Exhibit 2)

Remember, this report was produced in 1973. The introduction goes on to say:

"For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency."
There are motives behind this defund the police, people are not going be happy with. There is an active plan to federalize the police bring in UN peace keepers which is policed by nato. They corrupt politicians want to do away with Sheriffs not the police force.

This was set in to motion with UN strong cities network. Local police to be replaced by UN's peace keepers aka NATO troops and non-citizen mercenaries through the strong cities network UN to run local police boards U.S. cities.

I need you to understand what is at stake. It is America as we know it. The goal is to have the Constitution replaced, by the United Nations’ (UN) Bill of Human Rights.

Be careful what you wish for not everything is what it seems, these riots and looting will be used to justify their actions leading into the a globalist government having more control.

Pay attention to Bills being pushed by Congress. Pay attention to wording. Pay attention to stories of local Sheriffs threatening to deputize law abiding citizens.all these things are connected.
TIME MAGAZINE sugarcoating a globalist coup...

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

TIME MAGAZINE -Strange publication
Published Oct 22, 2020 ⬅️
Was media aware of a fix in election for Biden? Well looks like the new FEB 4, 2021 publication I posted above proves they did.

TIME MAGAZINE- Where did the flu go where dud flu deaths go?

Jan 18th, 2018


Did you know they said The Great Reset was a Conspiracy Theory?
Do you know they rebrand the same plan?
Do you know who he is below?
Do you know what a Technocracy is?
Do you like Authoritarianism?

World Economic
The more I find on EOs CCP access to power grid, chinese transformers, the turbines the more this looks like a coordinated attack on Texas to sell our state out to the CCP. Read!!!

Did you know? Texas has many transformers made in China. Trump created an EO to stop purchasing any Chinese Transformers as they can embed software or harware to be remotely controlled by China 1st thing Joe Biden did is suspend EO for 90days.

Expert: Chinese Power Transformers Pose

Last year, Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. seized a Chinese-built transformer because officials believe “its electronics had been given malicious capabilities, possibly allowing a adversary to monitor or disable it on command.”

U.S. Seizure of Chinese-Built Transformer Raises Specter of Closer
🧵⬇️1. Fb is LifeLog, LifeLog is Darpa, and DARPA is a Enterprise Run by CIA... Well... Past President... Big Tech, Big Pharma, MSM, HOLLYWOOD, DC...

Past Presidents....Zuckerberg, Gates...
All C_A... the Family business.... The company...

2. Past Presidents....Zuckerberg, Gates...
All C_A... the Family business.... The company...The Farm.... all C_A assets... most of them related by blood, business, or marriage...

3. "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." - J. Edgar Hoover

4. diff. names & faces.... Monsters that lurk in the Shadows. Swamp, Deep State, Establishment, Globalist Elite Cabal...

Shall we go back...How far back...

5. I know these monsters... it's when I try to explain them to others is when I run into a problem.This is why I'm better at retweeting and compiling. I never know where to start... Everytime I try to thread, i end up w/ a messy monstrous web.I'm better at helping others thread.