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19 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #OVERTURN

The Signals Are Accelerating And Strengthening

I consider the tweet below the most important yet. We'll immediately discuss why below. After that there are two documents and an interview to work on. Clarity is arising, pointing the way.

2) I was about to laugh about the dispute warning, but then realized that this very act on Twitter's part is that grain of sand inside which you can see the entire world of what we face today. How dare they? How dare you Twitter? Who, WHAT do you think you are?

3) We have to consider the logic. Stave Navarro releases a report. It is published at Bannon's War Room. In these matters, tone is everything. It might have been published anywhere but the President, I mean Navarro, chose to publish with

4) That is a signal. Why Steve? Beyond the clear statement of unity - Steve is a full member of the strategic team working to save our nation - there is a far deeper, more important reason. Steve's main portfolio item is China. Choosing him speaks them as much as us. Maybe more.

5) Bullies are cowards. One of the greatest means of PREVENTING war is the bold, direct, aggressive communication of readiness. You want a piece of this? Come get it...expletives deleted. There's always the other hand. War may be coming.