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Slight modification... The regions where property will be purchased a low cost will, not coincidentally, be the "opportunity zones" where investment transactions without capital gains can be made. The areas where riots took/take place (OZ's)will sell cheap. WATCH... #RESET

2) "Opportunity zones" allow for mass investment moves from billionaire class without paying capital gains taxes.

The mass accumulation of wealth (multinationals) at the upper tier of Big Tech (technocrats) during COVID is approximately +40% since it began.

3) This shift of wealth from Main Street (COVID shutdowns and lock-downs) into the multinationals (tech, banks and massive corporations ie. Amazon etc.) means the extremely wealthy have access to trillion$ of new funds .

4) The billionaire class can move those funds without paying any capital gains if they shift them into "opportunity zones", this is part of the OZ program incitement.

5) The "opportunity zone" areas are (not coincidentally) the same areas where riots and civil unrest was taking place.

The Main Street retail centers that were shut down during the civil unrest then faced the (not coincidental) follow-up financial stress from the COVID impacts.