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10 amazing websites that cost you nothing, but will save you hundreds of hours of your life:

#1: Remove the background from your photo with LunaPic.

Free, simple to use, no sign up required.

• Upload your picture
• Choose 'background removal tool'
• Choose the right tool for your pic
• Download

That's it.

#2: Edit your PDFs online with Sejda.

Can't face using Adobe Acrobat? does it all for you for free.

Simply upload your pdf + make changes right away.

#3: Animate your photos with My Heritage Nostalgia.

Have an old photo of a family member you never met?

Bring them back to life with this:

• Sign up on the site (free)
• Upload your photo
• It automatically animates them

True nostalgia (+ handy for presentations).

#4: Design your profile pic with Profile Pic Maker.

A free + simple way to design an eye-catching profile pic.

• Upload your picture
• Adjust the size
• Choose a background
• Download it (+ a matching banner)

Now you've got a profile pic to use wherever you need it.