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Indian Muslims are not acknowledging the bitter truth. Open your eyes. This is not the same India that we knew. If anyone is still selling old history & redundant Tehzeeb he’s misleading you & doing disservice. It’s better to get real & look ahead. Rules of the game have changed

When they tell you India is still the same or you don’t need to do anything different they’re misleading you❌
You don’t fight with swords today because 200 years ago your ancestors won fighting with swords. It’s a changed world & a changed India. If you want to survive, “Adapt”

When I say harsh things about political immaturity by North Indian Muslims, it’s not because I’m connected to any party. I see that we’ve failed in last 73 years & we were sleeping with enemies. Cant trust any Yadav, Harijan or Brahman leadership. Muslims got to fight own battles

In the present scenario Indian Muslims will have to look at future than history. Think ahead what worse laws & restrictions that may come up in coming years. You’re always caught unprepared because you don’t want to look at bad things & keep thinking of the rosy picture. Wrong ❌

Three years ago I wrote this long thread on North Indian Muslims. At that time most Muslims from trolled me & disagreed with me but the reality hit them hard when UP & MP started going Hindutva way. Then came anti CAA protest in 2020 UP Muslims were shot dead. I was warning them