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Dear Senator Hawley's Staff--

I'm sure you're loyal to your boss, but this man incited violence and you helped him. There is no "following orders" defense that will save you. You are part of this now.

And it is so much more serious than him simply "raising concerns."


Prior to November 3rd, Joshua had nothing to say about Pennsylvania's vote by mail legislation.


In fact, Joshua didn't have squat to say about election integrity either.


By November 4th, when it was apparent that Trump would likely lose the election, Joshua--as a sitting US Senator--started tweeting out that Michigan was hiding secrets from the public.

Sowing doubt. Fanning the flames.


So Joshua started this fake call for election integrity--a call he'd never made before.

At first he threw the whole kitchen sink out there--BigTech, ballot harvesting, poll watchers, counting, etc.

Sowing doubt. Fanning the flames.