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How I trade monthly short strangles for regular income

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👉Short strangle means,
Selling OTM call option and Selling OTM put option

Here is a detailed thread on short strangle

👉Generally, this strategy gives good returns when market is sideways but most trader get wrong entries and wrong exist

👉Ahead of major event option price will increase because of uncertainty. We have to take advantage of that

👉As the VIX is the derivative of option price, we have to check this parameter first

When VIX is >20, it is the right opportunity to deploy short strangle

👉If we look at the weekly and monthly candles of nifty, it is easier to identify which strikes to choose

Entry conditions:

👉VIX >20
👉Choose the strikes which are 6% above and below of nifty in next month contracts
👉Combined premium should be in the range of 160-170
👉Next month contracts should be taken at the mid of current month